Thursday, 13 June 2013

One Down, One To Go.....

I'm just enjoying resting at home at the moment, I've been sleeping for like, days & I haven't really been bothered to do much. Anaesthetic has floored me once again!

I'm feeling really happy with my new shape now, the implants are starting to settle down & are looking more natural now but I do still have one drain in.

I was at the dressings clinic on Tuesday where one of my drains was removed, the other drain has been swapped to a smaller bottle with less of a vacuum on it but it still seems pretty active. The top & bottom of it is that, I'm not expecting to go back to work next week but I'm hoping I'll be back there the week after. I'm incredibly bored & impatient to 'get back to normal'.
I'm slightly uncomfortable, I've got the usual symptoms you'd expect after breast surgery, my arms are tingling & a bit achy, especially the right one as the more invasive surgery was on my right breast, the site where the drain is fixed is tender & I'm getting the odd painful twinge in the breast itself. It's all part of the course but I'm feeling better & stronger every day.
I'm waiting for an ultrasound scan so that my surgeon can check that the strattice is where it should be & to 'see what it's doing'.

I'm looking forward to getting out with my sister & our children at the weekend, I'm feeling a bit more mobile now that I've got a lighter drain to carry around & only one of the f*ckers although, we're gonna have to go somewhere where I can mainly be sat down!
My amazing mum is still coming over about 3 times a day with meals for me & she's still washing my hair for me too! It's a pain in the ass being dependant on other people but I think we've done this enough times now to just get on with it as best we can & keep things as normal as possible for my 5 year old.

Anyway, like I said, I'm just chillaxing at the moment, I'm finding it quicker & easier to update my facebook page at the moment, even though I'm at home & not doing much, I'm enjoying doing different things & I'm kinda trying to step away from the laptop a little bit these days.....

So, just a quick update for now, I'm recovering well, hopefully this scan will confirm that the strattice is fine where it is, I'm hoping that when I go back to the Dressings Clinic again on Tuesday I can have the final drain removed & then it's gonna be onwards & upwards from there!

In the meantime, all I can do is relax & not worry. And for once, I'm finding that quite easy to do. Back soon - I think! 

Chez. xx

P.S: If you follow the link for details on strattice, & scroll down the page, there's a video on the web page which shows exactly what procedure my surgeons have performed on me. I think it's both amazing & fascinating - but I realise it's not for everyone although it is an animation, not an actual operation! ;) 

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you're on the mend, you certainly seem chirpy in your writing. Long may it continue, as you say 'onwards & upwards'

    Keep on smiling :)